A potter’s nightmare

Thought I’d share a dream I had last night, or nightmare rather. There is a kiln in my head, which I have dreamed about numerous times. This is a recurring dream, the outcome/results usually different, but the kiln doesn’t ever change. It is difficult to describe, but suffice to say that as kilns go, it is one of the kind that only make sense in a dream. It is in the shape of a squared off “U”, the main ware chamber being on one leg of the U, the firebox is on the other leg of the U.You access the chamber and the interior is quite large, with shelves along the wall and on an island in the middle of the chamber.

The firebox is very large and takes long pieces of wood, but is open at the front, you can see all of the wood burning, and after going back a meter or two, is open on the top and sides, effectively separating it from the kiln.  For some reason, the heat/flame goes back into the kiln rather than out the top and sides. In the dream, I am always worried about getting to temp, a very strong feeling of nagging anxiety. The part of the U connecting the firebox side to the ware chamber side I’ve never actually seen, it’s just a long brick expanse stretching between the two parts. There are no thermocouples in the kiln, and there never seem to be any cones.

In last nights dream, I was worried that the kiln didn’t get to temp, as usual, but when I opened the chamber, EVERYTHING was overfired. Glazes in puddles on the shelves, plates sagging all over the place, and not just sagging, but sagging off the ends of the shelves, literally hanging there. I have no idea why I loaded them that way, halfway off of the shelves. The large jars were melted down into the shelves in place, with just the necks sticking up out of the molten mess. To add insult to injury, the glazes were really boring, flat dead, whites, and smooth flat unbroken dark brown.

That’s about the extent of what I can remember for now. Mercifully, the memory of the nightmare is short. Anyway, kind of an amusing start to the day, got a good chuckle after the initial shock.

So, new wood kiln, never been fired, getting ready for the first firing ever, spent uncountable hours in planning and construction, not to mention the money invested, perhaps there are a few subconscious bits flying around in my head, having their way with me when I’m sleeping. Just sayin’…

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