Odd stuff

I got a request for a ferret food dish, of all things. I tried it two ways, thrown from a ball on the wheel, and thrown in two pieces (inside and outside). The customer wanted a round bowl shape on the interior and a wide base on the exterior for stability. After feeling the weight of these babies, I’m sure no mere ferret will be able to overturn them. Here are the prototypes:

This next piece is an idea I had that I thought I’d give a shot at now that I have a kiln it will fit into. I made a small one first just for kicks, but this one is the real test piece. It is 40cm high and about 53cm in diameter, with no bottom. Can you guess what it will be?

5 thoughts on “Odd stuff”

  1. It's a fancy homeless base to make a fire in to keep your finger tips warm?
    It's hard to guess..OK.What is it???

  2. It's an Aggie water bowl… or a Swedish water bowl… or a Polish water bowl; depends in which part of the country you live.

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