Making new work

Since my back is giving me trouble, this last week and a half have been spent doing less kiln relating stuff and more pot making. Sitting at the wheel actually makes the back feel better for a change, so what a great opportunity to make some pots, eh?

I did something I don’t normally do, and that is order clay from a professional rather than dig my own. Reasoning being that in this first firing I’ll lose a lot, if not most of everything, and I’d rather lose the store bought stuff than the good stuff. It’s reasonably cheap, and I actually like one of the types for throwing and trimming, final judgement will have to wait until the finished product comes out. I ended up ordering 5 kinds: a karatsu type, a high iron type that’s relatively unrefined, a high iron type thats quite smooth with extra iron oxide mixed in (should be good for doing white slip work), an amakusa porcelain for throwing, and another for slab work. The porcelains are available in various grades, depending on how much iron you want in them. The highest grades have the least iron, for a bright white result. Lower grades have more iron and start to get a somewhat bluish hue, like the old Imari ware. Personally, I like that bluish hue of the old Arita and Imari.

Below are some photos of some of the work, sorry photos are not great quality as I kept forgetting to take them until the sun had gone down. Mostly med to small bowls and plates so far, the red clay pieces are food dishes.

In the top photo, the middle and bottom rows are some of the new work. Middle row from left are Large katakuchi, small katakuchi (sorry the spouts are facing away. I’ll get more photos of these later), Komogai style tea bowls, and nanasun bachi (shallow bowls 7 sun wide. Sun is a unit of measurement about 3 cm)

 Just thrown multi purpose rolled lip bowls to the rear, about 7″ wide. Rolled lip food dishes at the fore.

 Food dishes (mukozuke in Japanese) with little decorative warts added.

 Food dishes trimmed, and showing detail of the foot.

Enough for now, time to make more pots! Cheers!