Going through the roof

Well, 3 more rows or so will put me through the roof, so I started measuring while I still had room to move around. Used a plumb line to make marks, and cut the roofing with a circular saw from the topside. Thought it made a nice square of light peeking through. Sorry for the graininess, it was pretty dark.

Also, with the new kiln, I’ve started feeling restless about the way the workshop was configured and decided to make some changes, open things up a bit. Hopefully this will give me extra room to move and make more pots.

Three things to see in the pics below: first, the cool speakers a friend of mine made. He makes all sorts of speakers for fun, and decided to get rid of some to make room for newer ones. They sound great, but I’m going to have him come by to help me with proper placement to get the most out of them.

Second, I removed much of the shelf behind the wheel and moved the wheel back toward the wall. This also gave me room to put in Tsuruta Sensei’s wheel. I’m holding on to it while he moves into a new house and studio. I’m hoping that by having his wheel there, the faeries will come and make pots like they did for him. I have a running joke with him: whenever I go visit him in the afternoon, his place is full of greenware, waiting to be glazed or bisqued, but I never see him working, just chatting and drinking tea. So I jokingly commented one day that he must have a couple of faeries come in the night and make all the pots ala Grimm’s The Elves and the Shoemaker.

Last thing to note is the track lighting. Ever since I put in the kiln cover, the workshop has been dark as a cave. At night, it is murder on the eyes to work, because the light is so directional and dim. These track lights light up both wheels very nicely and they are bright. Right now they are just temporary, plugged into a power strip. After the kiln is finished and fired and things have settled down a bit, I will rewire the shop and they will be controlled from wall switches at the doorway.

Gee, I wonder what kinds of pots those elves will have ready for me in the morning….

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