Cute kids

A class from a kindergarten came to visit the kiln a couple weeks back, and I finally got copies of the pictures. Here are the kids in the class having fun inside the new kiln.

Cute, aren’t they? The poor kid in the upper left of the second picture had gotten popped by some sort of hideous insect a couple of days prior. You can see his ear sticking out and puffed up.

Teacher told me the next week that when she asked the kids about what they liked most about my place, they all raved about the dog and the cat. Nobody remembered the kiln. Interesting what sticks in their minds. As important or unusual as a kiln seems to adults, kids could really care less… Reminded me that kids see things with different eyes than we do.

After they took pictures in the kiln, they all set out their picnic sheets on the deck of the house and we all had lunch together. The little guy on the left of the bottom pic took out his lunch, opened up his rice box and promptly dropped the whole load of rice on the deck. Without missing a beat, he just grabbed it all up, put it back in the box and licked the rice off his fingers. Must be a follower of the 3 second rule…

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