Workshop in Taku 2010

Well, the kiln building workshop finally came, after so many months of prep, and went way too quickly. It was great fun, with a total of 9 wonderful people from the US, Canada, and Hong Kong.

Here is what we built:

The chimney still needs to be finished (a big job), and the front wall of the second chamber (a small job), I’ll keep pictures coming as I progress. If all goes well, the first firing should happen at the middle or end of November.

Will be out cleaning up the area for the next few days. Didn’t notice it at all during the workshop with all of the activity, but with everyone now gone, the mess of brick pieces, empty castable bags, brick bundle straps, wood scraps, etc… really stands out.

On the upside, it looks like once everything is done, there will be no more palettes of brick laying around the yard! On the downside, this big monster sucked up so much brick that I have just enough to finish the kiln but not enough to make doors. There is a lot of castable left over however, so I will try casting the doors in pieces and firing them in the gas kiln. Same for all the stoke hole covers.

Here is an evening shot of the grate bars: