Laying out the floor

Finished laying out the floor today. Old kiln shelves for firing roof tiles. Set them in blobs of fireclay to level them out. Tomorrow, will go back in and fill all the voids with refractory castable mixed with rice hulls. This way the under floor of insulating castable is protected from wear and tear, and if a shelf cracks or breaks, it is easy to pull up and replace.

The grate bars are shelves as well, with center connection portion removed. These bars slide right into place at floor level. If one breaks, it can be easily removed and replaced. Still have about 45 of these shelves, so enough grate bars for a while.

5 thoughts on “Laying out the floor”

  1. Hey Mike: The floor looks great, as does the front door. The I wonder how soft the soft castable really is. You might get the best of both worlds, if has insulating qualities and is also durable.
    Wish I was still there helping to finish… although it looks like you are "making a proper job of it".

  2. Hi Lee,

    The grate bars are those shelves used in the floor, just with the center spacer parts removed. They are old shelves for firing roof tiles. Some sort of high alumina shelf I think. I'll use them for setting ware as well. I ended up with something like 75 of them and have used about 30 so far. They are very useful in many ways.

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