So this is what $4000 dollars looks like…

Not terribly spectacular is it? That’s 1400 SK34 hard bricks, 15 bags of refractory castable, and $900 of shipping.

This was the most expensive chunk of stuff to buy for the upcoming kiln building workshop, after this, it’s all downhill…

2 thoughts on “So this is what $4000 dollars looks like…”

  1. Yes it is. I console myself with rationalizations. 2 kiln builders have come by to chat and both said the same kiln built by them would cost about $30,000. Just the materials would cost around $15,000. So I call myself lucky for finding so much free brick and other scavenged things. But most of all I'm lucky for to have so many friends who have been so generous with their help.
    Thank you for your kind wishes.

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