Electric’s maiden voyage

The electric kiln I acquired ended up being a bit of work to get into shape. The kiln itself was fine, in great shape even, but the controller panel and magnet switch needed work. When the electrician couldn’t get it to work, I tracked down the guys who made the kiln. They came over and rewired the control box, replaced a couple of power relays and the magnetic switch, and just like magic, the thing started working!

So this morning I cranked it up for its first bisque firing. What? The thermocouple isn’t giving any reading… Drat! Foiled again! But wait…. Perhaps when they rewired the box they reversed thermocouple wires…. Hmmm…   So I tried switching the wires where they entered the thermocouple, and wonder of wonders, it worked! One of the rare times where the cheap/easy fix works.

So now the kiln is firing away, and I’m a happy camper.

Here it is, with its little lights lit up:

 The horizontal breaker switch below the red light controls how many of the elements are activated. It is set now to candle mode, so as not to explode any pots. After it gets over 450C, I’ll switch it over to the right, for ‘nuke’ mode.

And here is the controller, reading at around 100C, and how it’s hard wired into the breaker box:

The timer (center bottom of the first pic) allows you to set the number of minutes you want the kiln to hold at a specific temp. Not sure yet if the timer is working or not.