Channeling Homer Simpson

Today I experienced a rare moment of pure stupidity. Rare, I say, because though I do stupid shi%t on a regular basis, rarely does it reach this level of brainlessness.

I unloaded the kiln a couple of days ago and the pots have been sitting on wareboards waiting to get their feet ground and polished, etc… Finally got around to that today.

So I too the first wareboard outside the workshop and set it on a stone pedestal about 14″ in diameter. The wareboards are about 5 feet long. Can you see where this is going yet?

I removed the pots one by one and polished the feet, replacing each on the board as I finished. The last pot in the row I picked up, and instead of paying attention, I looked over at the dog who had started barking at the neighborhood kids who were walking home from school. Well, that particular moment, the moment of diverted attention, was the moment the wareboard decided to tip up and dump its contents onto the granite stepping stones below. Doh!

So, I lost about 10 yunomi, and all but one of my katakuchi sake servers which I’d made for the express purpose of taking to the show at the sake brewery in about 10 days. At least I’ll have plenty of sake cups to show.

I truly hate it when I do stupid s&%t like that.

One thought on “Channeling Homer Simpson”

  1. So sorry !
    It reminds me the Sisyphus myth, as him you defy gods and now must go ahead again (^-^).
    The difference is that all your work is not intended to disappear, i keep one preciously !
    Good luck.

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