One more jar

Just finished this one this morning. Started it yesterday, but the shoulder needed time to firm up before finishing the neck and lip. It started raining cats and dogs yesterday, so it wasn’t in danger of drying out too much. The kiln hole is full enough now to have a nice morning swim…

This jar ended up at about 48 inches tall and about 5.2kg. Both those numbers will shrink quite a bit as it dries.  It’s bigger than the onggi style pot I did and is about half the weight. I think that says more about my ability to make onggi pots than the onggi technique itself, though. Oh well, practice, practice….

All the jars so far, side by side

All the jars so far, side by side, with their hats on (if the mouth is not covered, sometimes it shrinks too fast and stress cracks appear around the base.) After they have firmed up enough to turn over, I’ll do that and let them dry completely.

5 thoughts on “One more jar”

  1. The Onggi videos were great – I wanted to go out and try to make one as well. I have to find myself a decent flat rock or nice shaped bit of wood for inside. I usually use my hand to brace inside but that gets harder and harder as the pots rise in size. You are on a roll now so I bet we see the pots growing in size – they look great.

  2. Fantastic results!
    I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon last fall watching Adam create one of his monster pots. Surprisingly it only took about 2 hours start to finish.
    The tools that he uses are very interesting… all are traditional and of course hand made. I took a few shots of his tool for posting.

  3. Thanks everyone for the compliments, and thank you FetishGhost for posting the link to your blog with Mr. Field's workshop photos. Looks like he has the heat gun aimed at the pot. Was it running the whole time?

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