Woodsplitting Heaven

I received 3 full palettes of pine beam cut-offs from a lumberyard and have been splitting them for a couple of days now. They are surprisingly easy to split and nearly all are about the right length for stoking. After my first palette was split, I put up these drying shelves between the posts of the kiln shed, and they are filling up faster than anticipated. I imagine I`ll be building a lot more drying space before long.

At this point I have no idea how much wood it will take to fire the new kiln, which will be built and fired this fall (more info on that here), so I`ll be preparing WAYYYYY more than enough.

I tried to get my neighbor in on the splitting, shouting out `boy this wood splitting sure is fun!` and `gosh, this is so great, what could be more fun than the satisfying sound of a log splitting asunder? I sure don`t know…` Unfortunately however, my neighbor was on to my clever ruse, and my Huck Finn moment was lost before it even began. The fact that he`s always collecting and splitting wood for his wood burning stove might have been the fatal flaw in my otherwise genius plan.