Pseudosexual Ice Cream

Well,I`ve never posted much non clay related stuff to this blog, but when my wife came home from the store the other day with this, I just had to take some pictures. Is it just me, or is this not just the most unintentionally suggestive ice cream you`ve ever seen? My first thought was that this would create quite a scandal in the US.

First, when the kids started eating them, I was reminded of their younger breast feeding years. Little mini ice cream breasts. Kinda cute, actually.

Then you see the back end of the thing with the clip, and you realize that someone has essentially figured out a way to package ice cream in a condom. Ice cream condoms… not as cute, but definitely hilarious.

The little ice cream condoms are actually quite thick and strong, I guess they have to be in order to be stuffed that full and frozen without fear of rupture. The downside is that they are under quite a bit of pressure. You snip the tip to eat the ice cream, and woe to you if it`s not sufficiently frozen, because it will spray everywhere. What images this conjures up I will leave to you.

Anyway, it just goes to show that no matter how long you`ve lived in foreign country, you can still have some interesting culture shock moments. So, I`m going to go out and split some more wood, make pots and get ready for a bisque fire, then I`ll come back inside and curl up on the sofa (in a fetal position) with a nice ice cream booby.

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  1. Hilarious!!! I love that you're still get culture shock. That's what makes life so exciting too,I think! keep em coming.

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