New old kiln III

Here are some photos of the control panel after it was cleaned up. What a difference, without the thick layer of dust.

I have absolutely no idea how the controls on the thing work, by the way. Should be an adventure trying to figure it out.

I decided to pop the cover and see what was inside, and was pleasantly surprised. Looks positively brand spanking new. And best of all, reasonably simple. If anything is broken, it`s likely that it`ll be easier to fix because it`s analog. This is the box labeled `control panel`.

Next is the box labeled `magnetic switch`.

If anyone familiar with this type of analog kiln controller can explain how it works, I`d very much appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “New old kiln III”

  1. Heh, heh… Hi Eric,

    I`ve managed to get my hands on the owner`s manual for this model of controller. Things are becoming clearer for me. Luckily, the thermocouple is a K type of which I have one or two extra lying around.

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