Post Fire

Well, I was a bit over enthusiastic with the glaze thickness, but everything came out pretty well, all things considered. Here are some ‘after’ pics to put the previous post of pre-fire prep into context. First, the rice straw bottoms:

As you can see, many of the senbei are cemented to the cups. This is because of my being a little too liberal with the glaze. If I’d wiped the bottoms, or used more rice straw this wouldn’t have been so bad. Still, since the bottoms are concave it’s usually just the sides that are stuck and most of the senbei comes off pretty easily. The stubborn stuff comes off quickly with the green wheel. Here’s a finished bottom, looking much better.

Next, the kai-kodai, or shell bottomed stuff:

Above, they are perched on the shells, and any drips tend to just fall to the senbei without messing up the foot too much. Below, here are some of the same cups with shells removed, but not yet finished. The shells came off pretty cleanly, and left nice red flashing on the feet.

Here’s the detail of one of the feet, this actually is the same foot as the one pictured green here in a previous post.

One group of cups was glazed a bit differently in a way which allows the glaze to run more. Here’s where the advantage of shells really comes in. The cup in the pic below was placed on rice straw. Firmly cemented to the senbei and a lot of grinding required. (Actually, no grinding required, as it is now fragments in my shard pile.)

Here’s the same type of cup on shells. This cleaned up in a few seconds on the green wheel.

Last are the small plates laid on rice hulls with their corners supported with shells. Not a single plate stuck to a shelf. A rare occurence for me….

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