On the way toa and from my classes on Friday mornings, I always drive by the same place, a hill cut away into terraces for houses that appear to have never been built, I suppose just another project put on ice until the economy recovers. I never actually got out and close to the place, because from the road it looks like orange sandstone and decomposed granite.

Finally out of curiosity yesterday I drove up the access got out and checked it out. Wow! It’s pure clay, in bands from white to red, and lots of it. And you don’t even have to dig, because huge chunks are eroding and falling out. Just pick up the chunks and put them in the bag. I always keep some bags and a shovel in my van for such occasions, so I brought home 2 bags of white, and one each of brown and red for testing.

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, they’re from my digital camera. Close up pics coming soon…