Bat pins on my kickwheel

Well, I’ve been thinking about how tricky it is to re-center a bat on the wheelhead with a half made piece on it without batpins.

My bats are all handmade from cedar planking, basically a flat bat with bar-like legs attached cross grain to prevent warping. I take four blobs of soft clay and stick the bat to the wheel head. Works like a charm, simple and cheap. Except, if you’re making a big piece and it needs a rest, you’re stuck with an occupied wheel head. Taking the bat off can be done but getting the piece centered again later is a bitch.

I was at the hardware store the other day and noticed some cabinet shelf pins. The pins screw into sleeves which are countersunk into holes in the workpiece, and I thought AHHHH!

With my trusty drill I put the holes in the wheelhead after establishing the best location. Tapped in the sleeves and added a dollop of glue to each hole, then screwed the pins in. Next, drilled my bats to fit the pin configuration. It took all of about an hour to set it all up. I’m looking forward to trying out the new system. After the clay blob method, I’m feeling positively modern….

One thought on “Bat pins on my kickwheel”

  1. Hello
    what a wonderfull site and wonderfull pieces of art,
    as a training potter surching for my way on throwing pots by using kickwheel (i already own a traditional european one)and as a woodcraft addict i’m very interested by your kickwheel…
    I would like to have some details according to the measurement of the kickingwheel you have made, yours seems higher that the oldest etc…
    can you explain a little bit more the way of using it…standup? or with a seat…

    I would be very please to hear news from you with kinds regards,
    Philippe H

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