A bit of a different Chawan

I was remembering one of Matsuzaki Ken’s chawan where he had laid the front face down and fired it in his tree eating monster kiln. The ash ran down from the back to the front forming beads of green, just beautiful. The bowl sagged and became more oval than circle, and the green glaze surrounded the shells which had supported the bowl.

I decided to try this sort of thing in my gas kiln with may standard chosen karatsu glaze. Thought since it’s so runny, it might do something interesting. Here’s the result.

Doesn’t have the Karatsu tsuchi mise (showing the clay) on the bottom and this is not traditionally a Karatsu form, but I’m happy with the result.

From a purely technical standpoint, I’ve finally solved one of my biggest problems regarding teabowls with this glaze: The chosen garatsu glaze pooling in my chadamari (tea pool) after running nicely, filling it up and obliterating it. Firing this way, it can run all it wants, and if it pools it’ll end up on the inside of the front of the bowl! Yes!

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