Loft/Showroom Area

Well, the loft is slowly coming together, and I finally am able to display some work for customers in something other than green plastic containers.
For the guinomi/tokkuri/katakuchi area, there is a large rusted chain I found at the beach while snorkeling last year. It’s rusted completely through and very crumbly, but just gorgeous. I rescued the old timber from a kiln’s lumber pile. Totally eaten through by worms, and still had the carpenter’s brushwork labelling. It’s pine, so probably old, but I couldn’t make out the date. I split it in half lengthwise and used half for the bottom of one of my shelves, and the other half for standing teabowls on.

2 thoughts on “Loft/Showroom Area”

  1. What a wonderful loft! I would like to visit you sometime. Don’t no yet when, but for the moment we’re still in Japan.
    And the Nagahibachi has such a warm feeling to it. I went to Kusakabe-san and on my blog you can see he has it sunk into the floor. It gives also quite some heat during cold times.
    Your blog is very interesting and your ware is wonderful. I use your yunomi often for my tea.
    I also looked into Etsy. It work well for you?

  2. Hello Swanica! So great to hear from you. How have you been? Still globe-trotting I trust? I’m glad you’re getting some use from the yunomi.
    Etsy has become a very important way for me to get exposure. I love it. Costs next to nothing to use it, and the percentage they take off the back end is very reasonable. As soon as I can get a band account set up, I’ll be doing yahoo auctions too.
    BTW, new work up at the website.

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