First Mugs

Here are the first mugs I have ever attempted. Don’t know why I waited so long. I’m looking forward to seeing how much they deform from the weight of the handles during firing. If I want chosen garatsu, then I can’t put them on those nifty little angled discs specifically made for handled cups, because the glaze will all run at an angle. I may try one that way anyway just to see what it looks like. Call it ‘windblown’chosen garatsu, or somesuch.
The handles are all altered from a rat tail of clay. The clay was way too open even after I added ball clay to the already plastic (comparatively)handbuilding karatsu claybody I buy from Hara Toudo. Tried to pull the handles with a little water, and got huge cracks after the second pull or so. So… I laid the rat tail on the table, flattened it a bit and shaped it with my fingers, sort of a handle pulling exercise while stuck to the table, so no cracking. The first to the last I made that day are all here in the pictures. You can probably tell which are which. : )
The next batch of cups I made with some white clay from Seto which was the medium (fine, medium, rough)roughness from that particular company. Handles pulled beautifully, even with all that grog. Sometimes I wish the karatsu clays were a bit more user friendly. The Seto clay mugs are not pictured here but I’ll put them up as soon as they get bisqued.