Had the neighborhood men’s group (called ‘Sanyamachi’)over for boy’s night out and decided to do it in the studio so I wouldn’t have to clean the house, and tell people they couldn’t smoke. Worked out well except I had a lot of cleaning to do in the studio to make enough space. Anyway, here it is clean, with pictures as evidence. My cousin-in-law got me a nice section of bamboo, which I made into a tool and tonbo holder, and hung it next to the electric wheel. The big tree trunk standing there is not actually load bearing yet. I’ve just got it standing there to dry. When it does dry, I’ll use it in that place under the beam to support the 2nd story floor above. It’s some sort of ungodly heavy hardwood related to oak. Once it’s in, I’ll be able to remove the tension rod suspending the 2nd floor from the roof beam, and the space upstairs will be completely open.

2 thoughts on “Clean!”

  1. I am going to pinch your bamboo holder idea – such a practical way to have tools handy. Mine are in cups so there are four cups sitting on my working board taking valuable space.

  2. Hah! Only fitting since I pinched the idea from someone else too…. : )
    I had the same problem with the proliferating tool holding vessels. Still looking for a good way to store ribs, though.

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