Footring Polisher

This is the diamond fiber pad I’ve been talking about. It’s about 3cm thick and fairly rigid, with just a little bit of spring. The machine is an off brand knife sharpener with the guide and water trough removed. At first I removed the stone and tried to put the fiber pad in its place, but realized it would just be easier to fit the pad over the stone. Much easier for switching back and forth.

I decided I needed something like this after I bought the pad and used it attached to my elec. wheel. Lots of dust in the studio, so I started hauling my wheel outside after every firing, which got old real fast.

They have machines here made specifically for polishing feet and butts which start at just over $700. They are essentially what you see here except with a steel cover, and probably a more powerful motor. The polishing media is the same. I spent about $50 for the sharpener, and about $50 for the fiber pad.

2 thoughts on “Footring Polisher”

  1. Admire your use of local materials and the preparation you spend putting it all together. Inspires me to explore my own place heaps more and try pushing the boundaries claywise.
    Glad I found your blog.

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