The Fired Guinomi

Here are some of the guinomi from the same firing. These are the guinomi you’ve seen in the previous recent posts. The hand dug, hand processed clays came out really wonderfully, interacting with the glazes in ways I had not expected. I had worried a little that they might bloat or sag in the firing, but they handled the heat well. I should not have worried, since the Sari area of Saga where this clay came from is the same area as the oldest Karatsu kilns. Here are a couple of the Sari clay cups glazed in Chosen Garatsu style. The lighter one has some ball clay mixed in to make it more workable. The redder one had some ‘store bought’ Karatsu Red mixed in. Both really turned out to have some nice texture for the glaze to run over. Notice all of the little ‘ishihaze’ where the chunks of silica ruptured the surface of the clay.

Next is a cup glazed in just Madara glaze which is usually white. It reacted very differently over this clay. I suspect the large amount of clay slip (since I threw very soft) I left on the surface after throwing the cups melted together with my ash based Madara glaze to produce a different glaze altogether. I really like this look because it reminds me of the old undecorated Karatsu ware. The clay in this cup is 100% Sari clay, and you can see it in the rough bottom.

3 thoughts on “The Fired Guinomi”

  1. Hi Mike,
    How coarse the clay is. It shows very nice in the clay and under the glaze. The glaze is beautiful with the many colors. How interesting. I start to understand so much more from Japanese ceramics. And you start all from the very beginning. How can you ever get those colors again in your glazes? Continue your research. it is wonderful to follow. You sell your work at fairs and/or in stores?

  2. Hi Swanica,
    Yes it really is amazing what a difference the clay makes. I’m continually surprised. Reminds me of that Japanese saying about the 3 most important things in pottery: First, the clay; second, the clay; and third…the clay.
    To answer your question, I’ve never done a fair, the few they have around here, the only money made is by the people renting out booth space. I do have some pieces up at: (warning, Japanese only) I’ve met some gallery owners interested in showing some of my stuff, but all is still in the talking stage. I’d really like to get galleries from the Tokyo and Kansai areas interested, you know, where there is less ware of the type I make, and hopefully also, more demand.
    I will be setting up my website to handle web sales as soon as is feasible.

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