New ‘Millrack’


Here’s the new ‘millrack'(mfgr’s name for it), a cheap alternative to a full size ball mill (called a potmill here). The cheapest ball mill I could find was about $700, but this little millrack was about $250. I thought 250 was a bit much, but after it arrived and I got to see the workmanship I was pretty impressed. Very high quality materials and parts, with replacement bands for the friction wheel, and tools necessary for assembly included, and I don’t mean one of those cheap thin stamped metal wrenches one sees so often. There was one nice wrench and two stainless hex wrenches included.

I plan to do some milling of my problematic iron pigment with it, as well as mill down some feldspar I brought back from the mountain a while back. It’s been run through a roll mill, but is still too chunky for use.

The mill rack assembly was very simple and you can see how it fits on the wheel, sorry I don’t have it running, I still have a hump I need to finish. I think you can see how it would work from the picture though. When not in use it folds back behind the wheel, and I can cover it with cloth or plastic to prevent it from getting dirty.

I’m planning a homemade stampmill (single stamp), but though I have a good idea how to build the frame and stamp, then mount it above the mortar, I really have no clue how to hook up a motor to turn the wheel which would lift and drop the stamp arm. Any thoughts/illustrations would be greatly appreciated.

The third pic is of my nifty new height adjustable faux harley seat stool. I got it at Costco for about $100 and it is worth every penny. It adjusts from very low to very high so I can use it at the electric wheel or the kick wheel, or just wheel it around to the tables in the shop to work. It keeps the hips tilted forward and at the right height so I haven’t had any lower back or knee pain since I started using it.