Kairagi prefire pots

Here are some pics of the pots that will be going into the fire in the next few days. The style is E-Garatsu and Kairagi, and a combination of the two. E-Garatsu is a clear glazed pot with underglaze iron brush decoration. Kairagi is a crawly translucent glaze which resembles the bark of a tree. The kanji for ‘Kairagi’ means literally ‘plum bark’.

These pots have been decorated with a dark slip which is just a type of clay I dig up and add water to. It has a very high melting temp, so it can be used under glazes without too much fear of everything running. At 1200, it just gets crusty and crawls slightly. At 13oo it melts but doesn’t run.

The larger vases are coil and paddle, the tea bowls and plates are wheel thrown and altered. After the grey slip is applied and dry, I go back and add the iron brushwork.