The few keepers 1

Here are some of the keepers, few as they are. They are the ones that have little or no iron decoration. The kairagi glaze, though crawly, is very silky smooth to the touch. There is a warmth to it that is lacking in the madara and ame glazes, I guess because they melt so completely.

The tokkuri is about 17″ tall. The yunomi form was one I experimented with for the first time, and I really like it. I think it could really look good with a little more tweaking. The inside of the yunomi is glazed with ame yu underneath, with kairagi yu over the top. Creates what is called ‘jakatsu’ (snake skin). Because the ame yu melts well even at cone6, the kairagi layed down and melded with it nicely, even though it had peeled most severely over the ame yu to begin with.