Carnage Part 3

The previous post as well as this post show the smaller work with equal disastrous results. On the smaller pieces, the kairagi glaze was applied correctly, but anywhere it went over brushwork, it just peeled back.

I’ve gone back and applied the kairagi glaze again to a few pieces to test refiring them. Because the clay body is fired, there is much less crawling after application of the kairagi glaze. My expectation is that after the refire, the pieces will look more like E-Shino work, and will be smooth enough to be used as they were intended.

My iron pigment was collected from the side of a dam. The iron bearing water left a deposit of iron on the concrete about 1cm thick. I scraped it off, bisqued to get rid of the algae, slime, and vermin, and worked it in a mortar to smooth it out. Not enough though, or so it would seem.

My ball mill came in today. I ordered one to process my iron pigment, smooth it out so that I never have this experience again. I also added a bit of ball clay to the pigment. It’s not a true ball mill per se, but a frame with a wheel that can be mounted to most shimpo wheels, to turn the wheel into a ball mill drive. I have my kickwheel to use, so milling some of my found materials won’t make my work ‘grind’ to a halt. : ) I really want a stamp mill, and am in the process of designing one. I’ll post pics of the shimpo driven ball mill later, once it’s installed.