New Shelves and Door

The latest pics are of the new door to the kiln enclosure which seals off the cold air from the workshop. 2×4 frame with plywood skin on one side, left over cedar doors from our house on the other. I put in 4 inches of insulation before tacking the doors on, and though it’s not very visible from the pictures, urethane weather stripping around the door frame. The door is so wide I had to put a caster on the edge to prevent it from sagging. The hinges are huge, meant for welding onto steel doors, I had to drill holes in them to facilitate installation.
Since installing the door, the workshop is noticeably warmer in the mornings, standing water is no longer frozen, so my new pots can breath easy. This door, in tandem with the new ceiling insulation, has made a HUGE difference in temperature.
The shelves I put in so that a bulk of the tool clutter in the shop could be moved to an inconspicuous corner, out of guests line of site. They are about 60cm deep, so they hold a lot of my junk. : )