Plates and Dishes

Here are some other stuff that’s gotten fired before and during the wedding cupfest.
I made quite a few of the leaf shaped Chosengaratsu glazed plates. They are small (about 7-8 inches long), and I envisioned them being used for sweets in tea ceremony, or as sashimi dishes. They are about 14mm thick, and I made them that way intentionally because I wanted a heavy form that would be stable in spite of it’s size and lack of feet. Also I felt that it would work with the heavily applied glaze. So far, nearly everyone has said they are just too heavy looking. Argh…

The Madaragaratsu (white straw ash glaze) mukozuke were done in the last firing. They were bisque that had been sitting around quite a while, and I needed something to fill the load. I decorated under the glaze with a dark grey clay slip that I get from a layer of strata running pretty much through most of Saga prefecture. The Madara-yu breaks nicely over it, without running all over the place like it does over Ame-yu or iron oxide. I managed to get 3 sets of 5 out of the batch and I’ve ordered boxes so I can make gifts of them. First set to the Mama-san of a local tavern who used her connections to procure a HUGE orange pumpkin for us this Halloween. We’ve had a real hard time finding orange pumpkins for halloween here. Costco in Fukuoka had some…FOR 75 FRIGGIN DOLLARS!!!!! Just couldn’t bring myself to pay $75 for a pumpkin, go figure.