New Kiln Installed/Almost Finished Workshop

Alright! Here we are finally, with the workshop almost finished. The city inspection is finished, though I still need to do the trim around the windows, run the electricity(calling a pro for this), and finish the inside walls with cedar planking. I’ve built a kind of tall awning off of the south side to protect the kiln. Next week this will be fully enclosed with the same type of siding as the building. It’s about 4 meters tall at the top, so tall that rain comes right in if I don’t have those tarps tacked on.

The kiln weighs about 2 tons, apparently, so the regular hydraulic truck lift wasn’t beefy enough to lift it into the space. Takasago (the kiln folks) brought in a bigger crane to do the job. When it rolled onto the property the ground sagged and rebounded like a sponge under the wheels, interesting to see.