Kiln Install 2

Here’s the kiln going into the space. Since the crane couldn’t put it in its final position, it is rolled in on steel rollers and situated by prying the corners with a prybar to make small position changes. There are I-Beams welded to the frame just for this purpose. Once the kiln is situated the beams will be cut off.

Finally the tracks for the car are attached and bolted down into the concrete. Once everything is bolted down, the chimney is constructed. A hole is cut in the awning and the chimney is put through. An extra section of chimney was added to get the top up and away from the building. There is a lot of wind blowing through our valley at times and we wanted to make sure the kiln would have enough pull. I think the chimney is around 6-7 meters tall, and we attached 3 wires to make sure it wouldn’t sway in the wind.

Once everything is set, they’re finished for the day. The next thing that needs to be done is to pour concrete to fill the space under the kiln and car tracks. Once that’s finished they’ll come back to rebuild the car, set the pyrometer up, etc… Then all I’ll need to do is get the gas company out to do the hookups. Can’t wait!