The Workshop is going up!

Here are some pictures of the workshop going up. At the time of this writing, the roof is half covered with tar paper, and I’m waiting for the weather to improve so I can finish papering and tack on the galvanized sheets. Then I’ll tack on the vapor barrier and and siding and at that point it should be ok to start turning the inside into a workshop.

You may notice from the pics that this looks like a tall building. Well, due to several miscalculations it ended up being about 1 meter taller than I had envisioned (It’s about 385 cm tall at the shoulder), however this will work out great as I will be able to add a loft for storage in the future. The building is 4×10 meters. The foundation is 4×13. The extra 3 meters is for the kiln area. The kiln will rest under a roof angling down and out from the building itself. I am going to add detachable hinged walls that I will open during firing. Also there will be exhaust fans at each end of the building to vent and circulate air to prevent heat buildup during firing.
I’m also going to have a sliding door to separate the kiln area from the main structure. This way I’ll be able to slide the kiln car into the building and close the door behind it. This place will be cold enough in the winter anyway without having doors open for loading and unloading.

If you’ve never stood on a wobbly bare wood frame 4 meters up in the air I highly recommend it. 4 meters doesn’t sound like much, but it sure is scary when you’re actually up there. Especially when trying to tote around 3 meter long 5×5 beams. The largest cross beams we had to raise with a small crane, because they were too heavy for the 4 of us to hoist on our own. Those beams were 4x16in, and about 4 meters long. Oh, and they were still wet. How do you say ‘hernia’ in Japanese?